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We will travel via Konjic, Ovčari, Kanjina, Džepi, Vrdolje, Čuhovići and our end-destination will be the village Lukomir. The route is some 40 km long, in one direction, and it takes around 2 hours to get to the end point. Considering the fact that the major part of the trip takes part on the macadam road, the travelling has to be adapted to the road conditions. We will see some of the Konjic's villages on our way, their architecture which is typical for the mountain part of the northern Herzegovina, the lifestyle of their inhabitants and also the nature richness and the culture of this area. In the village Lukomir we are supposed to have lunch. The meal is typical for this particular area: domestic cheese, milk cream, Bosnian pie baked on coal... It will be made by one of the housewives living over there and it will be served in the company of other inhabitants. The guests will be able to see these people's customs which have been resisting the allures of the civilization for such a long time. People here live the exact same way their forefathers had lived years ago. You will experience the time travel here- the atmosphere will take you at least two centuries back in past.
Lukomir is the mountain village which is located on the southern slopes of the mountain Bjelašnica on the altitude of 1495 metres which makes it the highest inhabited spot of the Bosnia and Herzegovina and also the only one over the 1300 meters above the sea level. Based on the Bosnian medieval headstones dating from the 14th and 15th century which are located there, it is believed that the village was inhabited even hundreds years ago. Current inhabitants of the village are the descendants of the collies who came from the Herzegovinian villages such as Kamen and Žulj, located nearby Stolac, which were amazingly abundant with pastures. The collies used to take care of the huge sheep herds during the summer there. At first, only seasonal habitats appeared there and later they spread into the nowadays village. The major parts were inhabited by the people from the tribes Čomor and Masleša which are even today the most numerous families in the Upper Lukomir.

The return trip is supposed to start at 16:30, and there are two option routes:
  • via: Babin do, Hadzići, Konjic
  • via: Džepi, Zagorice, Dubravice, Suhi Do, Konjic

You are responsible for your own belongings and the agency Europe Rafting is responsibility free in case of losing one of these during the rafting

The guides and skippers are qualified, certificated and equipped for urgent medical interventions (first aid package). They speak English language and they are communicating with the base center via radio connection. There is the sentry field vehicle which can intervene in case of an accident.

It is possible to take photos and videos during the trip. We offer that kind of accommodation too.
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