1. Konjic - Tisovica - Zelena Glava (Lupoglav, Jezerce, Vrutak, Rujište, Idbar "2 or more days")

The journey starts from Konjic and goes over the asphalted part of the road till the riflerange Bijela, which is located some 10 km away from the town. Then, the journey takes around 2 hours on the macadam road from Bijela to the valley Tisovica, the extremely beautiful five-kilometre-long glacial valley which offers the view on the highest peak of the mountain Prenj, The Grean Head (Zelena Glava), which can be reached from Tisovica in three hours if the weather is nice. It is also possible to make a trip to the peak Lupoglav from Tisovica. This peak is some five hours walking away and it is one of the most imposing peaks among the Bosnian mountains. From Tisovica it is possible to descend down to the valley of Idbar, or to reach the mountaineer's home in Jezerce in two - hour - walk, or to reach the south valley Velike Bare and mountaineer's homes on Bijele Vode and Rujište. Forty-five minutes away from Tisovica, on the way to the peak Green Head, there is a mountaineer's home on Vrutak owned by the mountaineer's association Borašnica from Konjic. This is the place where around 10 people can sleepover with the minimal compensation. From Tisovica it is possible to reach numerous attractive pedestrian trip areas on the various parts of the mountain Prenj. Everything is possible: alpinist and high mountain hiking, individual climbing and many other mountain activities.

2. Konjic - Jezerce - preko Crnog Polja

Konjic - Borci - Crno Polje - Jezerce The trip starts with an-hour-long car ride over the village Borci to the village Rujište. It takes place on the macadam road till the point where the road for Crno Polje starts. From there, we continue our trip to the Jezerce by walking. It takes approximately two and half hours of easy walking on the extremely beautiful terrain through the woods and mountain valleys. Also, we can start the trip from Crno Polje in another direction, over Prijevorac heading the south to the mountaineer's home in Bijele Vode and Rujište. This mountain route is not physically too demanding.

3. The route Konjic – Jezerce ( Prenj )

Konjic - Konjička Bijela - Rakov Laz – Skok – Jezerce (kuća) sa mogućnosti daljeg odlaska na neke od vrhova (Zelena Glava – Otiš – Taraš) The trip starts from Konjic by a car till we reach Rakov laz, which is located 10 km away from the town. After this we continue walking through the woods across the notch Skok continuing to the home on Jezerce. This will take around four hours of walking. This mountain route is little bit requiring because we are supposed to overcome the great height difference, the path is very steep and it requires good physical condition (trekking and hiking)
The mountaineer's home Jezerce is accommodated for a sleepover and there is the water nearby. It is located on the crossroad of the mountain's routes and thus it is a very good base for taking the further mountain routes in the mountain Prenj.

All trips listed above require some basic personal equipment items such as: the mountaineering shoes, a rucksack (its size depends on the length of your stay in the mountain), a sleeping bag, a warm jacket, a raincoat, the basic clothing parts for changing, a torch, a pocket knife, small first aid package, walking sticks etc. The rest of the equipment depends on your personal needs and the length of your staying in the mountain.

You are responsible for your own belongings and the agency Europe Rafting is responsibility free in case of losing one of these during the rafting

The guides and skippers are qualified, certificated and equipped for urgent medical interventions (first aid package). They speak English language and they are communicating with the base center via radio connection. There is the sentry field vehicle which can intervene in case of an accident.

It is possible to take photos and videos during the trip. We offer that kind of accommodation too.
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