Canyoning in Rakitnica

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"Canyoning", ( AmE "canyoneering") refers to the travelling through the canyon using the various techniques which can include walking, hiking, jumping, swimming and other activities. Going through such an ambient and walking down the canyon is usually called canyoning. This activity technically includes climbing down and thus requires the mountaineering equipment, quite good physical condition, a great amount of bravery, the maximal seriousness and guides qualified for such an adventure. Canyoning often requires specific skills such as navigation, looking for the routes and other activities connectedwith the travelling in wilderness. It is believed that the best canyons for such activity are those carved into the bedrock, which create the narrow cloughs with numerous downfalls. In such places you can see the stunningly carved walls of the canyons and spectacular waterfalls. The canyoning tours are often tightly connected with the teambuilding due to the numerous obstacles that the adventurers face. This requires the team work.
Rakitnica canyoning presents the most attractive outdoor activity in the summer, and thus very high-quality team building. The combined passages through the hidden parts of the canyon require the skills that the participants were not even aware of possessing. The entire trip takes place in the untouched wilderness and heavenly beautiful ambient. The quality of the Rakitnica canyoning reflects in the combination of all the most attractive outdoor activites. During the six-hour-trip breaking through the legendary Rakitnica you will experience mini rafting, swimming, diving, walking, climbing, jumping into the water and even descending down the ropes. The common impression of the participants of such an activity can be summed up in a sentence: "This is not real, this is a dream!!"

Many great companies do the canyoning because of its diversity, adrenaline, and active vacation, so why wouldn't you try?!.
The equipment and the guides are provided by the Europe Rafting & Scorpio.
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