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Europe Rafting is the tourist agency for nautical sports. It was founded in the 1999th in Konjic with the aim of the Bosnian tourism promoting, putting the river Neretva in the first place. Europe Rafting grew by time into a respectable and worldwide known agency. A lot of has been done in terms of improving the quality of the touristic offer, especially when it comes to the mere safety of the rafting as an extreme sport. Europe Rafting managed to bring this sport closer to all generations, so that we can say that this is the agency which works with all ages and sexes. We provide you with the contemporary rafting boats and other very high-quality equipment such as protective waistcoats, helmets, and neoprene suits which meet the world standards. For us, our guests' safety is in the first place. One of our priorities is the preservation of the river Neretva and its promotion as the last and the only heavenly oasis in this part of the Europe.


"Europe Rafting" is the first and the only agency on the river Neretva which, on the behalf of its hardworking and seriousness, was certified by the International Rafting Federation IFR. The guides (skippers) are educated by the international IRF's instructors and trained according to the newest methods of the world rafting federation. Getting these licence, beside the IRF's certificate, was like a reward for our members for their work and professionalism. In the world's rafting circles the IRF's certificate is very important and it is given only to those skippers who proved their capabilities and skills, their guests treatment, the rafting guiding and settling down in various risky situations, giving the first aid treatment and other possible situations while on the river.
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