Rafting on the River Neretva

In this offer, it is our pleasure to offer you rafting for a team of persons, groups and individuals who want to try out something extraordinary.
The thing in matter is one-day rafting with the additional various psychophysical tasks which are to be overcome by the team. You will experience the best entertainment on the most beautiful part of the river Neretva.
You will be returned to the Mother Nature in the best possible way- you will become a part of the Nature itself. We promise you a lot of fun and a day in the most beautiful canyon of this European part, a day that you will never forget.

When you reach the town of Konjic in the early morning hours, you will have an opportunity to have a drink and meet the hospitable staff of the restaurant "Vidikovac" which is located in the beautiful area above Konjic's old bridge.
The rafting organisers will provide you with all the directions for the rafting day and they will gladly answer all your questions. After the breakfast there is an organised ride to the rafting starting point - Glavatičevo. The ride takes around 40 minutes and during the ride you will have an opportunity to enjoy the attractive mountain road from which you can see the highest peaks of the mountain Prenj. We will pass over the Boračko Lake, above which we usually make a short break on the balcony of the princess Jelisaveta.

On the starting point of the rafting, our skippers will provide you with the rafting equipment, help you with it and your unforgettable adventure is about to start!
Considering the fact that the river Neretva is pretty calm in its first part of the rafting route, 3 km cca, each skipper provides the guests with the instructions on the rowing and show them some of its basic elements. In the second part of the rafting route we enter Bukovica. This is the part where we will pass through the canyon of the river Šištica and see its 20-metres-high waterfall over which the Boračko lake mouths into the river Neretva.
Down the rafting route we will also pass by the mouth of the river Rakitnica, and after a short break we turn back to rafting again and pass through the Grand Canyon of the river Neretva which reaches the height of even 1000m in some parts. This is the part where we usually have a break on one of the beaches so our guest can refresh bathing in the river and having some juices and fruits. We will also encounter some of the numerous endemic flora and fauna species that inhabit this particular area.

We will go through many river rapids and small waterfalls among which the most attractive ones are: Ploče, Blizanci, Osmica, S, Kalajdžijin potok, Štrojila. In the further part of our adventure we exit the Grand Canyon of Neretva and after 30 minutes of the boat ride we pass through the most attractive waterfall on the river Neretva - Džajića buk. Thirty minutes later from there we will reach our end - point - the mouth of the river Ljuta. There we change into a warmer clothes and the organized ride takes us back to the restaurant Vidikovac. Then you will be able to enjoy the specialities of the Konjic area's cuisine ( fish from Neretva, the lamb broached meat, the veil meat baked on coal, domestic brandy, etc.)

The route Glavatičevo - the mouth of the river Ljuta is 23 kilometres long
The strength grade is either 3 or 4, depending on the water level of Neretva
The rafting duration can take 1 to 3 hours on the high water-level or 4 to 5 hours if the watercourse level is low.
The equipment is provided by the agency Europe Rafting

You are responsible for your own belongings and the agency Europe Rafting is responsibility free in case of losing one of these during the rafting

The guides and skippers are qualified, certificated and equipped for urgent medical interventions (first aid package). They speak English language and they are communicating with the base center via radio connection. There is the sentry field vehicle which can intervene in case of an accident.

It is possible to take photos and videos during the trip. We offer that kind of accommodation too.
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