The River Neretva

Only one river managed to overcome all the obstacles on its way and,together with all its tributaries, created one of the most beautiful valleys. The river in matter is river Neretva.
Neretva is both the longest and the most abundant in terms of water among the Balkans' tributaries of the Adriatic Sea.

On 1.227m altitude its starst its majestic flow from the source located under the peak Grdelj, which belongs to one of the mountain Lebršnik's spurs. The length of the river itself is 230km. In its upper watercourse Neretva flows through the valley which spreads in parallel with the mountain massifs which the river doesn't cross over. These kind of valleys are called longitudinal valleys. The initial source leg of the river Neretva has the depth of 600 m and in its upper watercourse is called Borač. With its stunning power, the river managed to overcome strong mountain giants (Bjelašnica, Visočica, Prenj, Crvanj) and reach its eternal end - the sea.
It disappears in the Adriatic Sea in a very wide mouth, 10 km below the town of Metković. Our adventure is taking place on the 23km of the upper watercourse of the river Neretva. It is right here where the river is the most beautiful, so wild, completely untouched by the civilization, crystal clear and drinkable all the way of the rafting route.
Its upper watercourse's tributaries are: Repešnica, Rakitnica and Ljuta from its right and Lađanica, Župski Krupac, Bukovica and Bijela from its left side. There are a lot of abundant sources and very short brooks around the river itself, and some of them like Šištica, with its 20 - meters - high waterfall, rush down in their mainstream.
The source of Krupac, below the river Ulog, is so abundant that it, by flowing into a mountain stream of Neretva, turns it into a real river. All these tributaries are quite short due to the karst ground composition except Dindolka and Rakitnica which on their way to Neretva break through beautiful, wild canyons. When it comes to this, the river Rakitnica surpasses all other European rivers and exemplifies the rarity that you can't find anywhere else in the Europe.
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